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What’s the difference between copper cable and fiber optic cable and what could it mean for your business?

When comparing traditional copper cable with fiber optic cable, it is hard to be impartial, because the facts speak so clearly for themselves. Fiber optic cable is superior to copper cable in almost every way imaginable. It is much faster than copper cabl...Read more

How to Boost Your Internet Speed

For a business that relies on the Internet, slow connection speed can mean lower productivity and reduced profitability. The speed of your Internet connection depends on a number of things, including the type of connection you have, the number of people u...Read more

The Business Benefits of Fiber Optic Broadband Over ADSL

The kind of Internet connection your business uses can have a huge impact on your productivity, your level of employee satisfaction and your overall profitability. If you’re a business that relies heavily on the Internet for cloud services, VoIP telepho...Read more


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