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Understanding EMC Hosted Storage

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EMC is a leading corporation that provides storage, security and data management services to businesses. It provides technologies and tools that help companies efficiently utilise their information, as well as providing the infrastructure required to manage data. The EMC product suite is known for its flexibility, reliability and scalability, which means that its data storage solutions are trusted by enterprises and are a great option for businesses that are looking to increase their information management efficiencies. Additionally, this service is available globally, and so is perfect for national and multinational corporations.

There are a number of acronyms related to this service, so we’ve got a mini-glossary here to help when you speak to one of our experts at Fiber Vision.

BYOC Bring Your Own Cloud This is a trend among business employees whereby thy store company information on a third party public/private storage service in the Cloud, such as Dropbox.
BYOD Bring Your Own Device This policy allows employees of a business to use their own devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops) when doing business work.
CaaS Communication as a Service This allows companies to use Internet-based programs such as Skype, video conferencing and project collaboration platforms to communicate about work.
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service This is when an organisation uses an outside service for their equipment/software purchasing and maintenance.
LUN Logical Unit Number A Logical Unit Number is used to identify a device that conforms to SAN protocols. This device is referred to as a Logical Unit.
MaaS Monitoring as a Service This provides a business with a way to monitor applications and infrastructure that are hosted in the Cloud.
NAS Network-Attached Storage This is a computer data storage server that operates on a file-level, and is designed to provide data access when connected to a computer network. Additional, it can also be specialised for data-centric tasks through its software, hardware, or a configuration of both.
SAN Storage Area Network This is a network of high-speed storage devices that can also connect these storage devices with main servers.
SCSI Small Computer System Interface This was designed to create a standardised parallel interface system for attaching disk drives, printers, scanners etc. to computers.

For their enterprise storage needs, some businesses may consider purchasing their own SAN (Storage Area Network) which consists of multiple storage devices linked on a network, or a NAS (Network Attached Storage) which is a single device. However, by using EMC’s storage solutions, companies can have their data hosted by EMC on their secure platforms (whether flash storage or traditional hard drives, or perhaps hybrid arrays).

Having your information stored on a secure EMC SAN will enable you to access the full suite of EMC storage solutions, whilst also giving you the added benefit of local backups (or offsite if you prefer). This brings much better efficiency to your data management practices. Another important benefit of this arrangement is EMC’s renowned disaster recovery capability and, importantly, it provides additional security so your business’ information policies can be kept watertight.

Having your data hosted on a unified server brings obvious costs benefits for your business as well, due to infrastructure savings and scaled data storage. With data only becoming a larger and more critical aspect of the modern enterprise, the management of a business’ data has never been more important. Hosted EMC storage allows you to take advantage of cloud based data and the efficiencies that come with it, and public as well as private clouds are easily deployed and managed under this arrangement.

In addition to all of the scalability and security benefits, this setup will also allow you to implement a virtual machine environment, where all applications are hosted and deployed remotely. This results in a reduction in technical overhead and hence costs, increasing overall efficiency due to the ability to focus on providing IT as a service to your organisation.

With the rapid changes and progress in data management technologies, using EMC’s platform to host your information can remove much of the information and technical risk, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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